A life well-lived is a life well-traveled and geralyn applegate with heirloom, hardware & home has done both and then some.  Armed with a bachelor of arts degree and numerous years of working in both residential & commercial interiors with solid construction project management woven throughout; she and her college sweetheart (along with their four children and two pets!) have called home multiple states, both coasts and most fondly ~ clients that are now friends and friends that are now clients.  Thanks to this; geralyn is a perfect mix of a bit of everything yet always unique, collected, refined and timeless.  Her worklove is brainstorming and building a backdrop for clients to fully realize a gracious life by mixing well-culled vintage pieces with modern market furnishings to make one's dream home (& pinterest board!) an easy reality.  As varied as her pieces & perspective; so goes her projects which means working with a deep portfolio of local craftsman, artisans, retailers, vendors and the like to deliver a successful ending to every story, every time...on time & on budget.