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No matter what you're looking for, Geralyn can do a wide variety of styles in any setting you give her. She can turn your home, outdoor space, or commercial space into something straight from your dreams. Heirloom Hardware & Home's main focus is to tell your story in your space. The team strives to make every design functional and livable, while delivering designs worthy of 'oos' and 'ahhs'. Your project will be finished on-time and on-budget, and you'll get to be a part of as much (or as little) of the process as you want. Take a look at Geralyn's services below, and let her know what story you want to tell in your space! 


New Construction

Are you building a new home in the Dallas area, but don't know where to begin with the design? Maybe you have a vision, but need help delivering it? 

Geralyn has years of experience & connections with Dallas contractors & artisans, plus she can use her background in construction to make the whole process seamless & effortless for you. If you're in need of interior or exterior design help, G is your one-stop-shop. 

Geralyn can take care of designing the bones of your house to meet the functionality of your lifestyle while hand selecting designs & pieces to perfectly tell your story in your new home. 



You've been sitting on the same couch staring at the same colored wall with that 90s light fixture you've been meaning to change for years. Don't you think it's time to turn that Pinterest board into a reality?

That's where Geralyn comes in - she can take a new house and make it feel like home, or remodel the bones of your home to make it fit your current lifestyle. These big projects can be scary and overwhelming, and it takes an experienced person to do it right and cost effectively. 

No matter what your style is, G has experience in all designs and is open to create a unique style just for you. Even if you aren't sure what your style is, Geralyn will help you discover it and design it. 

Whether you want walls knocked down or fresh paint, your project will be finished on-time and on-budget. So, stop staring at that 90s light fixture and let the magic begin! 


One room

You're not quite ready to remodel the whole house, but something needs to happen with that kitchen. Lucky for you, Geralyn can take it one room at a time!

If you have a kitchen that's outdated, nursery that has been outgrown, or an empty attic space that you want transformed into a home office, G can design, build, style, or stage any space you have into the look and functionality you need. 

Don't let that eyesore room or that unused space sit there any longer... give Geralyn the opportunity to transform it into your favorite room in the house! 




When you bought the house the stagers did such a great job, but now you have no idea how to decorate your house and you just want it to feel like you! 

Geralyn can take the pieces that you have and make it something you never thought possible, or she can find new pieces and accessories to make your house feel fresh and updated.

Don't you want people to walk in and feel your personality shining through the design? G can take your house and transform it into your storybook in no time at all. 

Let's get your house screaming 'you'. Click the button below if your home needs some styling or staging help. 

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It's your first time hosting the Holiday dinner and you want to wow everyone (especially your Mother -in-law!) No worries, G has you covered. 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring refresher, or Summer spruce-up, Geralyn can swoop in to design and style your home for every season... she'll even let you take credit for the whole thing! Plus, you can reuse her design ideas for years to come.

Take your decor to the next level and click that button below; your family will applaud you for it. 

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Subscription services



Don't see what you're looking for? Click the button below to let Geralyn know what you need.